Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Midnight roof romance

Hi everybody.
Please meet my latest work. Hope you like it.
As usually coming with and idea was very spontaneous. In fact I had something else on my mind before the photo-shoot, so I was searching for relevant location, appropriate clothes and model that will fit in. I was lucky to find red-hair model. At the same time I contacted one clothes designer. From our conversation I understood that she might help me out and we agreed to meet.
   I arranged it that way so we would meet with model and then go to designer to find suitable dress. But when I called to confirm that we are coming in half an hour I got an answer that there is no need to come, because she cannot help me.
   So I met model, but I had nothing to offer her anymore. Anyway we went for a coffee. I explained her what happened. It is always easier to blame somebody else:) I was really stressed that it did not work out with a designer, because I don't like cancelling something that I planned to do.
   Model appeared to be extremely fun, so we decided to come up with something else. While drinking coffee and having a nice conversation I started to have ideas popping up in my head. She is a professional ballet dancer. It was my goal to find a ballet dancer, as I had this feeling that only dancers are plastic and elegant enough to give me what I needed. Now when I look at the picture I feel that I was right.
   Another difficulty was finding a violin as none of my friends were playing it. I was searching so hard that in the end I had three violins:)

    We were shooting next to Helsinki cathedral. There is a spot that where under certain angle only roofs of opposite buildings and sky are visible which gives you a feeling of a "roof". I decided to take advantage of that.

                                         Sometimes to get a good view you have to climb over a fence :)

   Another thing that I remember after that photo-shoot is how cold it was. In the end I could hardly hold my camera properly. And I got sick after that:) But picture was worth it, I guess.
Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Even blindfolded she goes forward

My most recent work.
Was definately fun to make it. Model is hanging over the stairs on cloth stripes with eyes closed.
Picture from back-stage

As usually bofore the photoshoot I changed my mind and decided to shoot something completely different from what I was going to. It is normal..I guess.
It was a damm great thing to see all of your friends coming to help you out when you expected only one and still wasn't sure if he was coming.
I am happy to have these amazing people beside me!