Friday, November 11, 2011

The most unusual job application I have ever made

Hey guys! Here is my new job application :) Hope you like it! I had a lot of fun doing it!
To start just press on the image ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Send me a post-card

Hey everybody!
At some point of writing a blog I have realized that it is viewed by people from different countries. About most of them I have learned only from geographic books. Must be cool to learn about them from those living there! Could you send me a post-card with a landmark from your city and a short story about it? I promise to answer to every post-card I get! I will put them on the wall in my room, so it will look nicer.
Here is my address:
Vitalii Semenenko
Pekankatu 5D 047
00700 Helsinki, Finland
 Here we go! First one from Prague! Nice card with a good story behind it. Kind of unexpected:)'
P.S. My dear friend from Prague, if you are reading this, send me one more card:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Helsinki Hockey World Cup 2011 celebrations or poika on tullut kotiin!

Ok, here we come with pictures from the welcoming party for THE CUP. 16 years! WOW! No wonder everybody was going crazy about this special guest.
To start with, it was crowded and it took me some effort to get close to the stage. Yes, I am that tall guy with a camera in my hand steping on your toes, pushing from behind, swearing back if needed. But..but I said "Sorry!":))) And those tiny girls standing behind me, sorry that you had problems seing what was going on on the stage because of me.  Hope you like pictures!
Small groups heading to the PLACE
Sorry guys, I had to step on your toes and push forward:)
Half of Finland was here...I wish Finland was of Luxemburg size, it would have been easier...

I liked the idea. Guys hand-made improvised cup. Well done! Looks so real:))) kidding
Heard a comment from one guy to his friend: "hey, wawe the flag and I will fing us on the screen!"

And that what happened. Everybody was waving their flags.Guy said:"Shit, we should have taken swedish flag, it is easier to notice..."
That guy manage to get to the stage! Bastard:)))
Big brother is watching you. But seriously I didn't know it could be real...well I heard the invented CD everything could be possible nowadays.

What is a point to come as close tho the screen as possible and watch everything from the screen?:)
Ok, party started!

Yes, I noticed you:)
This magic drink makes finns smily and easy-going.
Sing with us!
Aaa blaaa blaa blaaaaa--aaaa!
Suciders from Sweden ;) Guys, dont be THAT much upset!
Hope you also have seen the monkey! Otherwise I am in a trouble.
One thing: don't smoke inside the crowd! It smells bad, it is dangerous and it wakes Hulk inside me!

One! Two! Three!

"I see you pink crocodiles!"

After these two pics I realized how much I don't like TV-guys..Step a side, dude!
It started to rain, little bit, but than Lapland shamans fixed that.
Finnish ladies are cute and..and they climb posts higher than men:)))))
The media guys. One day, I will be among you, guys!
That dude made the crowd going!


Did you notice him?

The Cup!

President of Finland. Tarja Halonen. She is still using old-school keys:)


"-Hey, this picture was on the very beginning!"
Guys, enjoy the moment! You deserved that! You made the history!

-Wanna say something?
-Yes, I had a dream: I wanna crowd to shout with me!
Yeeee yeeee yee yeeeeeeee-eeeee!
Yeeee yeeee yee yeeeeeeee-eeeee!
Well, dreams have to come true one day even if you need to win the Cup for that;)


Maaany faces


Finns do take cocaine:)))))

Cheers, man! Thanks for posing!
Thank you for not licking camera lense

Finnish ladies are so good-looking. I thought I was drunk, but no, they are really beatiful. I have to marry one.No, two!
Member of Parliament? Hard to tell....

I liked that hat!

Hey, there is still some space!

PS Hopefuly next time I will work for some newspaper and will get special permission to be next to the stage so no need to step on people:))))Sorry one more time, guys! 
PPS. Hey, Finnish newspapers! Maybe you will be interested in hiring me for event-photography. Feel free to contact. I can climb people's heads, walls, posts if needed for taking a good picture.