Friday, November 11, 2011

The most unusual job application I have ever made

Hey guys! Here is my new job application :) Hope you like it! I had a lot of fun doing it!
To start just press on the image ;)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Send me a post-card

Hey everybody!
At some point of writing a blog I have realized that it is viewed by people from different countries. About most of them I have learned only from geographic books. Must be cool to learn about them from those living there! Could you send me a post-card with a landmark from your city and a short story about it? I promise to answer to every post-card I get! I will put them on the wall in my room, so it will look nicer.
Here is my address:
Vitalii Semenenko
Pekankatu 5D 047
00700 Helsinki, Finland
 Here we go! First one from Prague! Nice card with a good story behind it. Kind of unexpected:)'
P.S. My dear friend from Prague, if you are reading this, send me one more card:)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Helsinki Slut Walk

 So, here we go with Helsinki Slut Walk! Really fun event that could not be stopped even by rain. Only true "sluts" came! Couple of sluts I know didn't show up though...
What I want to say: as it always happens some people were quite radical in their dressing or better to say undressing. In my opinion, 45 year old top-less lady with her boobs hanging somewhere on the level of her tummy does not look good in the city center. Or was it the last opportunity to let the world to enjoy the view of her tits?  Well, on the other hand Finland is a free society...

 People were enjoying themselves despite raining.
 Well, on the other hand it is very hard to treat you as a University professor. There was a saying: wear clothes-do the talking"

 "Never without a permission"
 Man was looking more slutty than real slut.

 Hey, you show your boobs and still are too shy to look into camera.
I like this one. Everybody going crazy and she was somewhere else.
 Liloo Dallas (5 th element)

 That dude was hillarious
 She was so...aaaa.....I wanna be your slave, call me!
 Sad panda
 I was laughing at her attempt to smile under paranja :)

 When I was looking at her I had weird feeling in my pants I have never had before...I guess love feels like that..

I have got some replies from Helsinki Slut Walk participants and I have to agree with most of what they say, especially that clothes you are dressed cannot be an excuse for rapists and stuff. 
P.S. I have edited my post little bit, but I want to explain its previous version: I was writing from the perspective of the neighbourhood I have grown up in. Ladies there are dressed like ladies, sluts--like sluts. I am used to say "black" at black and "white" at white. I guess it is about the age. I will learn to see shadows as well.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kayaking in Helsinki Archipelago

Once upon a time...there were two guys that decided to pull their asses out of comfort zone into a zone less comfortable with moskitos, wild nature but nevertheless much more interesting.
Well, here they are
As it usually happens, idea just came out of the blue.
-Hey man, lets go kayaking!
Simple like that.
So the route was planned under the guidance of one of the paddling center guides. While planning I was stunned by one comment of that girl: "I don't really remember that island I paddled there in November.." Maybe if I heard it from a big guy with  big muscules and couple of scars on his face (this is how sea wolves look like, don't they?) I would not be so much surprised....But to hear it from a tiny girl that she was paddling in November for 20 km...
But lets get back to our trip since we were leaving and she was waiting us on the shore.
We planned two days trip where we could test our just bought tent and sleeping bags. (I will tell you about our gear in the end).
So we took off 17.00 and were heading towards the start of our little adventure under the close control of sea Gods and GPS. Weather was favourable and we were paddling quite fast, so in couple of hours we were on the spot.

That is me coming:).
The island name was Krokholmen or something like that. It is interesting that many islands in Helsinki Archipelago have Swedish names. Right after coming we roamed around on the island and decided where to put up a tent.
With a little help of magic and tent manual we managed to put it up.
By now it was already late evening, so we decided to go fishing in the sunset. (Fortunately we did not rely on my fishing skills and took food)
 He knew that I was a bad fisher
 I also knew that :)

 Fish was ignoring me but anyway I was enjoying the process. (press the picture to see my biceps :)))))))
I don' know how many times I said to my friend "Maaaaaan, this is the best friday evening I have ever had!" looking at this beauty.

Scenery around us.
 Our island was facing sea port, so we have something to watch in the evening. It is definately better than TV :)

 Evening falling.
We went to "bed" sleeping bag around 1.30 am but I made my mind to get up around 4 am to go fishing when nobody sees my shame :)
This what I call Good Morning!
Our TV was off :)

 I like the Sun shape here:)

I was fooling around and chased little duckies on kayak. Well, no matter how fast you are they will esczpe anyway. When you are few meters away those smart kids of the Nature simply dive showing you their asses...
Of course I did not catch any fish so I could not surprise my friend...So all pissed off I went to cut firewood. Wanna get calm? Go and cut firewood ;) 
The sea was so calm that I could not resist to go and paddle around our island. Amazing! Lots of birds of different sizes, colours, sounds. After I came back I went to sleep.
 When I woke up I saw this. How naive. Man, fish doesn't like us!

 Flora of Krokholmen island

 We went to another island--Furuholmen if I remember correct. Thanks to our GPS we made 5 km extra. We left our food unguarded and went to look around the place. When we came back local seagals took there share of our food. was their hood. No complains.

 The map. What I really missed was compas. Next time I will take it for sure. GPS is good, but you cannot kick its ass when it lies.

Last evening on the island. Awesome weekend. Nice experience. And what is more important: I want to do it again! 
On the island I realized how far are we sometimes from the Nature. And how much you actually need to be happy: hot noodles with beans and tuna fish, drinking tea next to bonfire, fresh wind into your face and reliable friend beside!
Ok now about practical side of our trip:
We covered around 50 km in two days which is not bad for the first trip. You can see our route from the first image.
  1. Water 10 l
  2. Rise 1 kg (did not use)
  3. Fast noodles. (awesooooome)
  4. Beans
  5. Tuna
  6. Meat (well, we burned it in the fire while cooking. You can survive without it)
  7. Peanuts and stuff.
  8. Bread
  9. Tomatoes
  10. Cucumber (better to take more than one)
  11. Apples.
  12. Boiled eggs.
  1. McKinley Nevada 3 tent
  2. McKinley Discovery sleaping bag
  3. Trangia cutlery with burner
  4. Marinol 100  1 l (for burner)
  5. Matches
  6. Foil
  7. Lighter
  8. Kayak   2 pcs
  9. Toilet paper (should be first on the list)
  10. Axe
  11. Some medical stuff.
  12. Knives
  13. Fork, spoon, mug
  14. Flashlight (we did not take it since Finnsh nights are not dark)
Without everything else you can survive.
Thank you for reading!