Thursday, April 28, 2011

Think big when applying for job

I got fed up with no replies for my job applications.
Stand out of the crowd of those "who feel enthusiastic about this job".

Hard to ignore, isn't it?
-hand-written cover letter.
-transcript of academic records
-reference letter

Didn't like yellow envolope? What about green one?
Next one for Tikkurila
I will get that job eventually!

Ok...everyrhing that was before is boring shit comparing to this...I hope

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photoshop practicing

Ok. As many of you guys I try myself in Photoshop. Here I will publish something that I have done either under the guidance of lessons or by my inspiration only.

So here we start with one lesson called "Live book".

True. Sometimes books can be too realistic.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My pictures

Ok, here we start with publishing all the stuff that I feel to be very artistic:)
One of my first self-portaits. Pretty low knowledge of the photo process at that time. Still like the picture though.
Many people were shocked how primitive were the tools I used while looking at the result. My mother like this picture.

Very positive. Very optimistic me.

Somewhere in Norway.

Calm winter morning in Lapland

Beautiful Lapland

 Lonely bicycle somewhere in Helsinki

This is what I call photographer's luck


Gulf of Bothnia. Finland

Rocks of Balaklava. Ukraine
Gulf of Bothnia. Finland
 Park in Augsburg. Germany.
My most popular picture so far. Was picture of the day and second best in the week contest on one of Ukrainian photosites.

Stokholm. Sweden

Wooden church. Pirogovo. Ukraine

Favorite of my mom:)

Fisherman on a bridge. Kyiv. Ukraine

Shaving. Self-portait.

Fooling around:)


Did not shave for the whole summer and could not just shave it away, so, here we go..

But hey, more crazy ideas are coming and just wait to be implemented.
To be continued