Monday, May 16, 2011

Hockey World Cup AfterParty (Fever) in Helsinki

The match was over. 6-1. Sweden was beaten badly. So I knew that I had no excuse for missing the opportunity to take on camera the celebrations.
Before you see the pics, please note that finns are very shy and calm NORMALY. Not when they beat Sweden 6-1 in Hochey World Championship Final...

  Hey, Sweden, still wondering why you lost? It is impossible to beat guys who can climb 2.5 m light-box on crutches. (One of the best pictures I took this evening)

 Ok. Here we start:) All the personalities in this blog are drunk fake.
 Quite expressive
 Marching to Senatintori
 Soft variant of fans:)

 Her Majesty Insainity has come
 When finns are happy they jump into fontain. All. Into one fountain. No matter how cold it is and whether there is a water

 Those striving for fame
 Hope pictures can express what I saw
 Hard to stay focused.

 These girls liked me.
 See? They really liked me

 Nice company:)

 It was so crowded. I am still surprised my camera survived

 I hate those plastic things, to be honest

 Sweden, lucky you these guys were just watching, not playing. Otherwise...

 At some point of observing that craziness I started to doubt that those were finns
 When I was taking picture of this guys I had a feeling that I should come back and shoot them one more time. Remember this girl.

 So live!

 Yes, Vitalii was climbing the roof of Kaapeli.
 Like the smile
 Guys fix the traffic lights
 Hello again!
 She recognized me:) How sweet
 She knows how to turn me on :))))))
 Tudu-du-du-duuu   you can leave your hat on, baby
 I had a feeling......

 They executed penguin.

 All finns climb the posts so that noise can reach Sweden...

 Ladies! Heeeey! Look what I have!
 Finnish Olympic Champion always practise
The guy was shouting: "pieni munat--iso maa!"(Small balls-big country) I wish photos could record sound:)
 Warming up?
 Fire? No fire! Its for fuuuun!
 I was always on the right spot at the right time

 -Please don't tell my mom I was climbing roofs!
 One of the few sober
 Guys enjoying the win. BIG WIN
 These chicks liked me as well.

 In his everyday life he is a good citizen. But when Finland beats Sweden 6-1 he is a good monkey.
This is how I feel after sleepless night.
I really enjoyed walking with a crowd. Running from one place to another. It is a big experience for me as a photographer.
P.S. Hey, Finnish newspapers! Maybe you will be interested in hiring me for event-photography. Feel free to contact. I can climb people's heads, walls, posts if needed for taking a good picture.


  1. You really captured the moments of joy, nice job. :)

  2. hard day at the office i could really go for some cock up my arse right now

  3. Kiitos, spasiba, super photos!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Awesome photos and fun describes on em :)

  5. Really cool photos, love the Finnish passion for hockey. Congrats on the Gold.

  6. REALLY good pictures, fantastic shots. Even for a Finn who's not a Hockey Fan :)

  7. Thanks for nice pictures!

    Mind if I made the first picture as my own profilepicture in FB? (I truly am the guy with the crouches)

  8. I'm in one of the photos with my boyfriend! Described "quite expressive" :) Thank you fot that! :)

  9. KoD, no problem! Take it;)
    Hilu, thank you for being so expressive:)

  10. I was there and didn't realize to take my camera with me. Fortunetely you did, these pics really express what was going on there. I just walked around smiling stupidly and not believing my eyes. I have NEVER seen anything like this in Finland :)

  11. awesome pictures, I wish I could've been there.
    Finns sure know how to celebrate :D

  12. Random girl. Now she is a super-star:)

  13. А русские говорят что люди в финляндии живут всегда спокойно?

  14. Not all the time. I would say MOST of the time;)

  15. Oh for god's sake. These were really fun to look at, especially the pictures of people climbing stuff. And the penguin one.
    I have to admit I love it when Finns go crazy and spontaneous, because most often they do not. I think it happens every 20-30 years or so. Hmm. Then again, now that I think of it I guess it's a good thing that most of the time we're calm, shy and reserved and just sit inside our little houses.

  16. Looks like a pretty wild party! Finland is one of the countries on top of my "to visit" list, but I never get around to it. I hope when I do you guys will still be so raw and emotional! :)

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  19. >Second day of celebration
    this link is not working anymore :(