Saturday, August 6, 2011

Helsinki Slut Walk

 So, here we go with Helsinki Slut Walk! Really fun event that could not be stopped even by rain. Only true "sluts" came! Couple of sluts I know didn't show up though...
What I want to say: as it always happens some people were quite radical in their dressing or better to say undressing. In my opinion, 45 year old top-less lady with her boobs hanging somewhere on the level of her tummy does not look good in the city center. Or was it the last opportunity to let the world to enjoy the view of her tits?  Well, on the other hand Finland is a free society...

 People were enjoying themselves despite raining.
 Well, on the other hand it is very hard to treat you as a University professor. There was a saying: wear clothes-do the talking"

 "Never without a permission"
 Man was looking more slutty than real slut.

 Hey, you show your boobs and still are too shy to look into camera.
I like this one. Everybody going crazy and she was somewhere else.
 Liloo Dallas (5 th element)

 That dude was hillarious
 She was so...aaaa.....I wanna be your slave, call me!
 Sad panda
 I was laughing at her attempt to smile under paranja :)

 When I was looking at her I had weird feeling in my pants I have never had before...I guess love feels like that..

I have got some replies from Helsinki Slut Walk participants and I have to agree with most of what they say, especially that clothes you are dressed cannot be an excuse for rapists and stuff. 
P.S. I have edited my post little bit, but I want to explain its previous version: I was writing from the perspective of the neighbourhood I have grown up in. Ladies there are dressed like ladies, sluts--like sluts. I am used to say "black" at black and "white" at white. I guess it is about the age. I will learn to see shadows as well.